About Me

This is me, Lisa. (I’m rubbish at the selfie). I’m almost 40 and live in Washington, UK (unfortunately not DC!) and I’ve decided to try blogging, so let’s see how I get on!

So what’s possessed me to do this I hear you ask (well perhaps not). I’ll tell you anyway. When our second daughter was a year old, and during my maternity leave period, I left work and became a full time mother and housewife. While I’ve enjoyed my time at home with my girls, it has become apparent that everything “me” has fallen by the wayside. Essentially I’ve become a P.A. to two very demanding little divas, resulting in my brain matter turning to mush. In a desperate bid to become down with the kids, I’ve decided to try this blogging lark. This could help me to become more focussed and organised – forcing me to finish my never-ending list of projects, to-do jobs, and get back into MY interests. I love my little divas (and I suppose I should mention my husband – there. mentioned. and our (my) cat Dave) but I also love all things sewing, craft, creative, beauty, home and garden, decorating, days out with our girls.

And at some point, I’d like to look just a little bit tidier. Call it a midlife crisis if you wish, after all, I am nearly 40…………